• Our Water

    Our fountain’s source is found in mountains of southern Albania where the water is pumped from the depths of 100m underground. The water goes through a natural purification process gaining minerals as it filters through adding to its distinctive flavour.

  • Our water can be compared to other waters by looking at the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). TDS is a measure of dissolved minerals in a sample of water and is often quoted on the label as "dry residue".

  • The water is heated to 180°C until all of the water evaporates, leaving a dry residue that can be weighed. Waters are classified as follows: Values

Water Supply

The core of our business is based on the distribution of drinking water. We work closely with our partners on delivering the best product as a whole sale commodity or as a bottled item. Such demand for drinking water worldwide has given us an opportunity to create a platform for a worldwide distribution.

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About Us

Our company has great experience in water supply and production. We have been distributing our fountain drinking water to our customers for over 2 years, focusing on local markets and neighbouring countries.


Blv. Bajram Curri,
Rr. Andon Zako Cajupi, Tirana